Weave doesn’t mean insecure
Black & Female

Weave doesn’t mean insecure

There are so many rumors linking weave with insecurity. In the same light, those who wear weave are likely made to defend their natural hair length. I know plenty of black women who rock their 20-inch sew-ins with the best grade of hair underneath! I have also witnessed black women who regularly wear box-braids that could have the same style with their natural hair. Listen here ladies, if you want to pay the money to buy your weave, you should be able to wear it confidently and comfortably without the constant feedback from others.

We are blessed to have the grade of hair that is versatile enough to do several styles. It’s about time we embrace who we are in confidence. If a guy tells you that he doesn’t want a woman with weave, but who embraces her natural hair…you tell him to go to cosmetology school to either do your hair or pay for all of the products needed to maintain it. People on the outside looking in will never understand the lengths we go through to look simply presentable. Besides, if wearing braids throughout the year will keep our hair protected and healthy, then braids it is!

“Anyone would be insecure if her supposed silk press turns into a fro after three minutes outside”

However, if you are insecure about your hair which many people are, find out your grade and curl pattern and educate yourself! I didn’t know how to manage my hair until college, and I am still learning. Hair is never about the style but the woman who rocks it. Not all of us were meant to have the straight, roll-out-of-bed, heat-resistant grade of hair. So, when us 4c girls try to mimic that, we end up applying excessive heat that damages our hair. Anyone would be insecure if her supposed silk press turns into a fro after three minutes outside.

I’ve pitied myself for too long desiring the “perfect grade” of hair. I’ve applied perms and texturizers to make my curls more loose and ultimately more desirable by others. Weave serves me well the majority of the time because it protects, lasts and slays! Whether it’s weave or natural, God knows the exact number of hairs on our head (Luke 12:7). Let’s be confident in who God created us to be, with whatever hair grade he chose for us.