Aspiring Musician


Music was not a natural gift. That is, I was not born into a family with extraordinary musical talents. In fact, my voice could never and still cannot make out a melody without cracking any glass that witnesses such tragic noise. As a child who longed to be musically inclined, singing was not the answer. Yet, I still wanted to contribute to the art of music. It was not until an after-school instructor by the name of Mr. Lee pulled me aside, almost fourteen years ago, and encouraged me to learn the piano. He said that if I master piano I would always have a future. I must testify, the future has brought me many opportunities and much joy. I didn’t learn by piano lessons or high-priced instructors. I simply picked up my toy keyboard, and vowed to not put it down until I figured it out.

Come in close…just a little closer so it can stay between me and you…because if I leak this, it will change the entire way people look at musicians. Can I trust you with this?

The secret to being a top-notch musician is this:

  1. Choose an instrument
  2. Learn the instrument
  3. Practice the instrument
  4. Never put down the instrument

If you want to be a pro, only you can stand in the way. I know we have all been scarred by the child prodigies on today’s talent shows, but you have the potential to be a better Mozart and a smoother Beethoven. Wow. That brings me to this…If those who are blind, crippled or deaf can play an instrument, we are left with no excuse.

Join this musical journey with me. I have been playing piano ever since I was six, and now, I want to learn guitar. It will not be easy but I can guarantee the joy will be eternally satisfying.