Limited but Free (ft. Mpho Moepadira)
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Limited but Free (ft. Mpho Moepadira)

Know that Christ sees us as worthy and that is all that truly matters

As promised, this is Part One to the three-part series Limited but Free, where three women will share about their experiences being a minority. They will also share how God has been a pivotal part of shaping their identity in a world that constantly tears them down. It brings me deep joy and pleasure to introduce to you one of the dearest of my friends, all the way from South Africa, Mpho Moepadira.

I have known Mpho all of two months, but it has felt like a lifetime. Her joyful spirit is contagious, and she lacks no ounce of passion. Though I love everything about her, I am especially fond of her ability to find the good in any situation. I can be very realistic and a bit negative at times, but after one conversation with her, my hope and faith in Christ is renewed. She is brilliant, vibrant and loving. Mpho truly embodies the entirety of a phenomenal black woman.

Worldly Limitations

Being a black woman in South Africa is so beautiful, but you also get so frustrated that times have not changed much since how women were viewed in the past and how our minds are still conditioned to being less to other races and the opposite gender. The truth is that we are SO worthy and wonderful. Nevertheless, I still face tragic situations that easily make me so angry.

I have encountered a couple of incidents where I have felt disadvantaged in and given less opportunity because of my gender and color. It’s a double-whammy. For example, the constant pressure of having to succeed in all aspects of life, whether be it sports or academics. I carry the weight of every other woman and feel the need to ensure that I do not fail because the minute I do, it goes back to “girls are not good in sports” or “girls cannot be managers of big businesses”.

Being a Christian black woman also has other assumptions. Stereotypes make us out to be a pushover and boring. Who said Christians are unable to have fun? We also get viewed by some men that our role belongs in the kitchen and with the children only. It almost seems as if women are less important than their husband.

Eternal Freedom

All these views are faulty. Some of my favorite scriptures that combat these lies are found in Genesis. Genesis 1:27 states,

“God created mankind in his own image…so that they may rule…over all creation…”

This clearly indicates that women were also made to rule and have responsibility. Although the roles may be different (Genesis 3:16-19, woman carrying the entire future of humanity; and man having to provide and take care of his household), we are just as vital and important to God’s plan. In 1 Corinthians 6, God also makes it clear that we as his children have the right to do anything, and yet more importantly in Galatians that Christ has set us free (5:1)

We should not allow ourselves to be burdened by the yoke of slavery ever again. All of these Scriptures indicate that we are already free from how society dictates us as an inferior people. It so important to cling onto the truth, that our identity is found in Christ. Everything that we are and are not is truly summed up by God’s powerful word. Know that Christ sees us as worthy and that is all that matters. Even when we do fall short, failure is not what defines us anymore. Praise be to God that this eternal truth of freedom can never be taken away from us!

Yours truly,