A Christian Experience
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A Christian Experience

God did not give me a spirit of fear but of power, love and self-control. 

This is my daily reminder and most powerful combative verse to answer my specific call by God each day. It keeps me grounded in faith. It reminds me that my weaknesses are His opportunities to strengthen me. I am enabled to love people beyond my natural ability and I can say no to things that are not for me.

Even more, as I begin this series titled “A Christian Experience”, I choose boldness in sharing my experiences as a Christian in several contexts (i.e., the workplace, classrooms, unequally yoked relationships, friendships). I will do a special post on my experience as a Christian in the church. I will also invite others to showcase their experiences as well.

This will be a very sensitive series, so I ask that if you are not firm in your faith knowing who God is for yourself, maybe refrain from reading this. My hope is to not turn you away from Jesus but to be as authentic as possible as a Christian, allowing people to see it is no walk in the park. There is beauty but there is also tremendous burden. Joy and jadedness. Love and lies.

Stay tuned…