Will You Marry Me?
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Will You Marry Me?

Do you truly believe I gave you your energy, your youth, your wisdom, your influence, your power to sit on it?

Everyone hates to be single. I get it. It feels like junior varsity or second-class citizenship in the kingdom of God. Marriage is a single unit of the ultimate expression of the trinity. I’ve always heard it starts with family. Hmph? Well…where does that leave me and you?

Me as a single twenty somethings.
You as a single thirty somethings.
Me as I have run out of prayers for my “future husband.”
You as you are tired of dolling yourself up in competition to be pursued by someone who has several options other than you.
Me as I have read all of the books to “prepare” for this next season.
You as you have attended all the conferences on being content in this subclass Christian society.


Can I tell you what God has put on my heart for all of us miserable unmarrieds, by-choice singles, and freshly divorced?

“I have you where you are for a reason. It is not by accident that every single relationship you have been in has not worked out. The guy/girl seemed like the right one. It felt like the right one. But now you see clearly, none of those people were the right one. You see, rejection is necessary in order for me to bring about my best for you. If I allowed you to have everything you wanted, there would be no room for my blessings. You are too special to me for me to allow your blurred vision to take you to places that will eventually harm you. You have heard people call this place you are in a waiting season. Where in scripture do I directly address you to wait to be married? Where in scripture is there a promise that you will be married? Are you praying to me for a spouse more than you are seeking MY righteousness and MY glory? Marriage is a means to the end. Do not be fooled, beloved, by the elementary principles and societal structures of this world. What is the greatest in the world is the least in My kingdom. What is the least in your world is the greatest in My kingdom. You are not wrong to have desires, and I have every scripture promising that I actually gave you those desires when you came into relationship with my Son. It is the Holy Spirit working within you to desire good things…to desire MY things.

But to wait? Do you truly believe I gave you your energy, your youth, your wisdom, your influence, your power to sit on it? That is not the answer. No, I need you to GO here and now. While you have nothing to lose and no one to be responsible for, GO. While you are pursuing holiness alone, GO. While you have the time and free-flowing passion, GO. I am scanning the earth to find a willing soul that will go, right now. Later is not promised, but right now is your promise.”

How will you use your now? Look around you…who is in your right now season? The world does not need a finished version of you. They need a right now you.

The wait is over. Jesus is on one knee. Inside the box is life and life abundantly.

Will you marry him today?