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When people think of you, what do you want them to say?

This was a question I was recently asked while introducing myself to a new group of people. In that moment, I thought about what I would tell this new group of friends. In a way I thought that my answer would help me define myself to these people. Do I want to be perceived as creative or talented? Maybe I wanted them to think I was bubbly and outgoing or wise and thoughtful. As I thought the words that echoed in my mind were similar to those that I wrote previously, “it’s not about you”. Because of my faith in Christ I have taken up a new identity as his daughter. I am a daughter of God, so the only thing I need to be defined by is him!

Our whole identity is in being daughters of the king.

In 1 John the author writes “See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God; and so we are.” (1 John 3:1A) There is freedom in knowing and accepting this identity. My worries were no longer about thinking about how this group of girls would perceive me. I shifted my focus from myself to Christ. So now that I have my gaze rightly fixed on Christ what should my life be defined by. Now when I step back and think about it, I want to be defined as someone who has a kingdom focused mind.

Gospel centered lense.

When I think about what it means to have my eyes fixed on the gospel the first thing my mind goes to is evangelism. This can be scary and overwhelming, because evangelism is something that it is hard to live out in real life. Does it mean that I am going up to strangers and sharing my testimony, or grabbing coffee with a non-believer in order to tell them about the gospel? Yes AND it is much more simple. When our minds are consumed with the gospel and the goodness of God we can’t help but share about it. Our love of God overflows into everything we talk about. This simplifies evangelism because it becomes such a natural part of the way we live. When God’s work in my life is the first thing I talk about, sharing about how I am able to have a relationship with him happens naturally.

God’s beloved children.

Having a gospel centered lens affects the way I think about and treat people that I interact with on a daily basis. That same identity I spoke of earlier is one he gives to every single human he created. When I think about what that means I need to take a moment to consider how I am thinking about, talking about, and treating every one I interact with on a daily basis. Are my words saturated with things that are uplifting? Am I offering kindness that would reflect Jesus towards people that I don’t have much in common with? These are his children! When I think about the way Jesus loves his children, I am convicted in the way I do not at times.

Our perspective shifts everything.

C.S. Lewis writes, “What you see depends a great deal on where you are standing.” Our perspective of the world changes the way we experience life. As believers we are called to shift our focus from ourselves to the Lord. When we do this it impacts every area of our lives. I outlined the way kingdom minded living impacts our evangelism and love of others. But in reality this mindset shift will seep into every area of our lives. The will of God for our lives can be simplified that we are to love God and love others. With that focus, consider the ways that God is calling you to look to him and fix your gaze on him!